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Installation considerations of scale mesh curtain


Scale mesh curtain is usually used for interior partition and ceiling, as well as wall decoration, screen and window decoration. They can be widely used in airport, station, hotel, museum, decorative concert hall, office building, exhibition hall, shopping center and other places.

But the metal mesh curtain is still the most widely used in the interior, generally large size partition or front decoration, can also be a small area of local decoration, the installation method is simple and convenient.

The natural metal color of scale mesh curtain changes with the reflection of light. Through the metal screen, it forms a continuous overall space. It is different from the dim perspective of glass, and gives people a sense of visual openness and unlimited imagination.

Precautions for installation of scale mesh curtain:

1. The installation of scale mesh curtain is closely related to the size, so it is necessary to determine the size and effect.

In general, scale mesh curtains are manufactured according to the dimensions measured under tension and can be manufactured to the same size as those provided. If the installation is suspended or needs wave effect or folding effect, the material size will be consumed, so if you don't want to install tightening effect, you should budget the size.

2. Scale mesh curtain is made of metal materials. It can only be deformed when it is impacted by hard objects such as table corner and angle iron.

Due to the special ductility of metal materials, even if the metal material is deformed, it can continue to be used normally as long as it is slightly restored with tools. Therefore, as long as attention is paid to the installation and use, it will not cause damage.

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