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Brief introduction of architectural ring mesh


Brief introduction of architectural ring mesh:

1Time: the network can automatically recover the service from the failure in a very short time (50ms), so that users can hardly feel the existence of the failure.

2 Basic principle: the network should have the ability to discover, replace transmission routes and reestablish communication.


(1) there should be redundant routes.

(2) We should have a strong cross ability.

(3) We should have a certain intelligence.

4Switching method:

(1) Recovery mode (when the faulty line is repaired, the communication is restored to this line).

(2) No recovery mode (after the faulty line is repaired, continue to use the line that has been switched to the past, and then use this line as the redundant route when the fault occurs again).


(1) Unidirectional ring, bidirectional ring.

(2) Double fiber ring, four fiber ring.

(3) Channel protection ring, multiplex section protection ring.

6Summary: To summarize for you, in the simplest words, it can be expressed as follows: when one main communication channel is used for transmission, plus one or more standby channels, when the main channel fails, it can be switched to the standby channel. I can only tell you so much. No matter how specific things are, they need to be explained with specific diagrams.



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