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Appearance requirements of rope mesh green wall


The rope mesh green wall is an essential protective equipment for high-altitude operation. Due to different construction project purposes, different safety requirements, different specifications, and different erection methods. The safety net of construction site is mostly made of nylon rope (or polyester rope) with diameter of 9mm. The mesh is 10-14cm and the mesh is 3M × 6m and 4m × The bearing capacity is not less than 160kg / m2. Because the green safety net is to protect the personal safety of workers working at height and prevent falling objects from injuring people, the relevant regulations must be strictly observed in the process of use.

The mesh of a rope mesh green wall can be arranged in secret areas or evenly. Here are the appearance requirements:

First of all, the products are mainly black or green, and other colors, such as yellow, white, red and blue, should be uniform. The color difference should be less than 90%, and the special color should be determined by the supplier and the demander.

Secondly, the warp and weft of the mesh should be arranged in order without breaking the warp and weft.

Thirdly, for every 100 m long mesh, there is no more than 3 M 1 missing weft, but the length of each missing weft should not exceed half of the mesh width.

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