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Will metal cloth curtain fade under the sun?


Will metal cloth curtain fade under the sun?


We know that metal cloth curtain has become the trend choice of people, so with the increase of people's purchase, we will also face a variety of problems. Some care about the service life, some care about the brightness of the color, some care about the installation of the track, and so on. Let's see if the metal cloth curtain will fade under the sun. We definitely hope to use the new things as long as possible. After all, we will not decorate our home once every three or two years. So let's do an experiment on metal cloth curtain to prove whether metal cloth curtain can stand the test. We have been engaged in metal cloth curtain for 20 years. We always keep small samples of the goods we made from the beginning. Every discovery experiment will be deeply collected. We once had a sample on the windowsill for five years, but after wiping the dust on the surface, it will be the same as the new one.

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