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Technical requirements of wire mesh laminated glass


Technical requirements of wire mesh laminated glass:

1. Requirements for wire mesh: the wire mesh and wire used for the sandwich glass are divided into ordinary steel wire, special steel wire and silk wire. The diameter of ordinary steel wire is more than 0.4mm, or the diameter of special steel wire / iron wire / metal wire is more than 0.3mm. Wire mesh glass shall be treated by spot welding wire mesh.

2. Dimension deviation: the allowable deviation of length and width is ± 4.0mm

3. Bending: the glass should be less than 1.0%; The polished glass should be less than 0.5%.

4. Glass edge protrusion, notch, missing angle and deflection. The size of glass edge protrusion, notch and deflection shall not exceed 6 mm and 4 mm respectively. Only one missing angle is allowed for a piece of glass, and the depth of missing angle shall not exceed 6 mm.

5. Appearance quality: it is specified in the parameter table of composite glass.

6. Fire performance test: according to GB 12513

7. The fire performance of the product shall be agreed by the supplier and the demander to meet the following requirements: when the sandwich glass is used as fire door, window and other mosaic materials, its fire performance shall meet the fire resistance limit requirements specified in GB J45.

8. The glass shall be packed in wooden cases or containers, one of which shall be filled with glass of the same thickness, size and grade; The number of packages in each box should correspond to the strength of the wooden box to prevent friction damage due to poor packaging; When the glass is stored, transported and unloaded, the box cover shall be upward, and it shall not be placed sideways or obliquely to prevent it from toppling and sliding.



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