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How often does expanded metal machine guarding change?


How often does expanded metal machine guarding change?

There are many kinds of expanded metal machine guarding, and each set is customized according to the actual situation of industrial robots. Not only the protection function and use mode are different, but also the service life is very different.

When making expanded metal machine guarding, Antor has many kinds of materials. According to the requirements of different working conditions, different materials can be selected, and the service life of these materials is also different.

At the same time, the service life of expanded metal machine guarding will be affected by different working conditions, different frequency of use, different degree of damage and different frequency of cleaning and maintenance in industry.


Moreover, when using the expanded metal machine guarding made by Antor, the bad factors encountered are also different, and the consumption degree will be different with different use methods, which will lead to different replacement frequency.

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